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Irani samosa / Onion samosa

Iranian samosa -  Onion samosa is also known as Hyderabad samosa, Irani samosa . This Samosa's origin can be traced to the middle east region around the 10th century. The name" Irani samosa" is first officially given by Iranians, Where it was originally called as sambosa. In India, Irani samosa is especially famous in Hyderabad where its flavor is close enough to the original ones, gaining the title "Hyderabadi samosa".  One could see people selling in the local trains in India these delicious tiny samosas provoking the passengers appetite. We might wonder if we could do this at home as a good Fried crispy tea time snack.  lets look how to make this simple and samosa . made samosa sheet and spiced onion you add some healthy and more flavored carrot, cabbage. Ingredients  required for dough 1 cup(250 gm) maida or All purpose flour 1/2 cup (150 gm) Wheat flout 1 Tablespoon oil Salt to taste Preparation of samosa dough In a large bowl, combine wheat flour and Maida