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Custard pudding

 Custard pudding -  one of the best desserts one can make easily at home using some simple ingredients.  custard pudding is a quick recipe that can be done in different  varieties according to our taste and occasion. Custard pudding is quiet famous during Ramadan month due to its simplicity. Usually pudding looks like jelly, which enhances your taste bud melting on your mouth. This is the reason for it being kid's favorite all the time. You can also include healthy nuts and Semiya etc. like this there are a lot of ways to garnish it.  one of such delicious way is-  caramelized custard. That is also one of an upcoming recipes.  here we will to see how to  make a Simple Custard pudding in a few simple steps. Ingredients needed  4  tablespoons of custard powder 500 ml of milk  5 tablespoon of sugar butter 1 teaspoon 150ml milk to dissolve the powder Method STEP 1   Dissolve custard powder into 150 ml of milk without lumps. STEP 2 In  an another vessel add 500 ml of milk, bring it to